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Alliance for Prosperity is a collaborative platform for visionaries, change-makers, and practitioners. We're dedicated to not just addressing financial barriers but also unlocking pathways for inclusive community engagement, skill development, and overall well-being.

In a world transitioning towards more collaborative economies, Pineapple World stands at the forefront. We're not just a financial tool; we're a catalyst for a collective mindset, nurturing communities to thrive in an equitable, interconnected ecosystem.

As we lay the blueprint for a more connected and shared global prosperity, we invite you to join us in crafting a world where every transaction echoes with impact, and every user becomes a beacon of change.


The Future of Finance is
Connected, Collaborative, Decentralized


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In our connected age, value transfers below $100 a month should be a Not-For-Profit service for those earning minimum wage.


Instead of fixed interest, customers can decide how much profit they can pay on a microfinance loan above the principal. (3).gif


Every mobile user can co-create social and environmental impact and should be rewarded for it. (10).gif


Prepaid mobile users can have fair access
to exchange traded assets, safely and securely.

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San Francisco, CA

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