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Greenfield is a collaborative network of visionaries, change-makers, and practitioners. We're dedicated to not just addressing financial barriers but also unlocking pathways for community engagement, skill development, and overall well-being.

In a world transitioning towards more collaborative economies, Pineapple World is at the forefront of inclusion. Not just a financial tool; Pineapple is a mobile users network with a shared value mindset, nurturing communities to thrive in an equitable, interconnected ecosystem.

As we lay the blueprint for a more connected, shared global prosperity, we invite you to join in crafting a world where every transaction echoes with impact, and powers change by direct inclusion.

To honor this committment, Pineapple gives 65% profit from telecom minutes sales back to customers and the greater circle of community, including charities in grassroots neighborhoods.


The Future of Finance is
Connected, Collaborative, Decentralized


slowed 75 women green circles tanda.gif


In our connected age, value transfers below $100 a month should be a Not-For-Profit service for those earning minimum wage.


Instead of fixed interest, customers can decide how much profit they can pay on a microfinance loan above the principal. (3).gif


Every mobile user can co-create social and environmental impact and should be rewarded for it. (10).gif


Prepaid mobile users should have fair and safe access
to exchange traded assets.

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San Francisco, CA

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