Pineapple is a mobile coin

to empower billions of people

whenever they recharge airtime

1 PNPL equals 1 USD

A global network, across 550 mobile operators 

in 160 countries, so households everywhere

are connected to wealth


Reinvent mobile minutes

Connect prepaid users to stable assets and global markets

But without their financial investment

To reduce poverty by the minute

at the bottom

700 million people survive

on less than 2 dollars a day


2 billion people live above

the line of extreme poverty

but barely earn minimum wage

at the top

Trillions are spent  to recover

people and economies

from the effects of poverty




to those who need it

Simple and safe for everyone

Pineapple is not a blockchain or cryptocurrency

Pineapple is based under US and European Union laws



Pineapple is available

for 2 billion users

across 550 mobile operators


PNPL coin is backed by USD and Bullion. Issued by airtime sales


prepaid minutes can be instantly recharged or sent to almost any mobile in the world


Proven tech used by some of the biggest companies


Pineapple is nurturing a world wide ecosystem of storefronts in grassroots neighborhoods

PNPL gold

cashback on buying minutes

secured in gold at Bullion Vault

use Pineapple to buy minutes

or cash out in any currency

mobile shop owners

recharge walkin customers

earn commissions instantly

transparent profit sharing

users build wealth

benefit from global markets

but without investment risk

by simply buying airtime